Saturday, March 29, 2008

Glee, kind of.

I need to stop taking things so personally. Also, I miss my kitty, but that is a different story. For now, I need to work on improving my craft, creating pieces for my age demographic and then attracting those sort of overworked and underpaid people. That said, I think it's time for me to concentrate my efforts in something more...I don't think 'fulfilling' is the word I'm searching for- but SOMEthing. I just don't quite know what yet. 

I've purchased a Showcase listing on Etsy, which I am very hesitant about. It starts tonight at midnight, and I just KNOW that I'm not ready for it. It's only 24 hours, but still. I need to re-shoot everything in my gallery, change prices, and I'm just NOT ready for all of it. Oh gosh. Why do I always regret these kinds of decisions?

But on the bright side, I did get the packages I ordered from a few people on Etsy, which made my day. All of them came on the same day! *glee*

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