Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What to do while sales are slow.

As a lot of people have noticed, sales are EXTREMELY slow lately, even though May was Etsy's busiest and most profitable month to date. So what can we sellers do while sales are slow?

1. Work on improving your craft. There's always room to make what you do better.

2. Venture into other types of crafts. For example, I've been using the down time to create new and more interesting jewelry, start working with leather, learn basic metalsmithing, and creating ACEOs.

3. Work on getting your shop into tip-top shape. Work on improving your photography, rewriting your descriptions, getting the overall cohesiveness of your shop in order.

4. Work on your promotion. Join a networking site like Facebook or MySpace and promote yourself. Or work on starting up a blog or personal website.

Those are only a few of the ideas I've got floating around my head right now, but the fever is taking hold again...

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