Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yay tumbler! And a fancy dog toy.

Yay, my long awaited package from Progress Machine finally came yesterday! The delay was due to an error with my order and the fact that it was made over the weekend and UPS decided to reschedule my delivery. Nothing bad on their part, just want to mention that. Anyways, I got my pound of stainless steel tumbling shot and my rawhide hammer (which Cleo thinks is her new chew toy...) and I can't be happier.

I immediately went downstairs to try and locate my tumbler barrel, which I somehow lost. Hubby found it for me and I grabbed all the silver I had that needed tumbling and popped it in with a bit of shot. Added some Dawn and water and was good to go! ....Or so I thought. An hour later I opened up the barrel and all of my jewelry was black and greasy and the color of the steel shot. My tumbler barrel was also really dirty on the inside. So I had to rinse everything off, tumble for a half hour with a degreaser, then rinse again, tumble for another half hour with a degreaser, and then finally I could tumble it again with the Dawn. Too much work, but at least everything is nice and shiny now!

My office/studio space is almost complete. I just need to move the rest of my supplies down here, hang up a corkboard or two and it will be complete! Oh, and I need a chair. Preferably a comfortable one, spinny, with wheels. The rest of that will have to wait until I recover from making my last tuition payment (finally!).

I'm trying to think of more tutorials or other Etsy-related how-tos, but I'm out of ideas! Is there anything you'd like to see? Comment on this post with your ideas on what you would like me to show you next!

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